The latest addition to the family

SSE Commercial has been in business for quite some time, providing electrical contracting services to a wide range of business clients.  Colin Nelson and Trevor Silvester as co-directors are proud of their track record and their reputation. 

However, the domestic and small business market is a different ball game – so when Phil Ball joined them with his comprehensive experience in the domestic market a new door opened.

The three directors have a big vision – to supply the quality, reliability and professional approach that the big organisations expect to the domestic and small business market.

“Electricians don’t have a great reputation.  It’s not unusual for householders to take time out to wait for an electrician and then nobody turns up.  We don’t see why that should happen and that’s why we are keen to provide the kind of electricians who not only turn up, but deliver top quality service from the actual electrical work to the customer interface,” explains Colin.

Phil has plenty of experience with bigger domestic properties and understands the concerns of high-end home owners where the investment in their property is often in the millions and can include listed buildings.  “They don’t want tradesmen tramping through their property and our team know that respect for people’s properties is a top priority,” he says.

The SSE Electrical team operates within a 30 mile radius of Stansted Airport – why don’t you give us call.